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CODX - Co-Diagnostics Inc
« on: April 03, 2020, 07:41:46 AM »
Co-Diagnostics (CODX) is a small cap biotech company that has a 1-hour PCR test for coronavirus that's already selling fast. PCR test is very reliable—very high sensitivity and specificity, very low rates of false negatives/positives. Crucially, they manufacture their own reagents, which is important bc there is (or is going to be) a shortage (increased cost) of reagents for those who don't manufacture their own reagents, e.g., LMNX (their PCR test aso takes 4x as long). There are other tests (AYTU/CEMI distribute others' antibodies test, ABT/BDX large cap), but this stock has a lot to like in comparison IMO.