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Re: ESRT- Empire State Realty Trust
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Not sure how I feel about this, and yes, overlooking certain algorithm produced results are necessary. But really? Ad campaigns for flex space?

I've leased multiple NYC and NJ offices over the past decade so yea I'm probably the type they are targeting for this stuff...but I find it an interesting read through. Must be tough if you're using Seeking Alpha, IBD, NY Post, etc to run spam ads for office space.

I wonder if small tenants that find it hard to move might be a way of getting more market power.

Where I live, office real estate has been in a nuclear winter for a number of years. But my lawyer renewed his lease in an average suburban building at flat rent last year. He's probably paying $25/soft, and he could easily get a similar five year sublease just for op costs. But he doesnt want to move, doesn't have the tech skills to get set up again easily etc.

Full service moves with in-house tech supply probably appeal the most to clients who are least capable of moving again in the future.