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Re: FSCR- Federal Screw Works
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FSCR just released their year end report. I'm curious if you plan to go to their annual meeting in about a month? If so, I'm curious as to how they see to shift to EVs affecting their business? Will they/are they making investments which will allow them to continue being a supplier for the auto manufacturers once they start producing EVs in the millions.

I probably have a more bullish stance on EV growth than most, as I expect a large majority of new car sales to be EVs by the mid-2020s. FSCR might fell more insulated because they supply mainly truck sales, but I believe trucks will quickly go electric once battery costs come down another 30-40% (in 3-5 years) and consumers will move to them rapidly once they see the benefits (huge torque, large electric charging capability for tools on job-sites, etc).