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Re: ORC.B - Orca Exploration Group
« Reply #90 on: May 08, 2020, 05:27:25 PM »
I would not say it's bullish. The company stock price seems to trail it's cash position. No value has ever been given to the assets or future cash flow. After the huge SIB the stock retraced lower and we back trading at cash/bond.

Looking forward to seeing if the company will accommodate it's shareholders and have a virtual annual meeting.

A few key concerns or comments going forward that would be interesting to know:

re:Class A shares any chance of having those bought out or redeemed some how. Clearly there is a disconnect as the class A shares control the company. The class A have a minimal count vs the B's and are now controlled by the estate. No institutional buyers will look this company up if they can't have any say.

re: SIB Huge demand for an exit by shareholders. Generation who was the only major institutional investor wanted out and put all of their shares on the offering. Negative sentiment.

re: License extension If a license extension is not in the plans or not likely can the company not reduce their cost in various workovers which added to $80M from now until 2026 (based on their Jan 24/20 NR). Seems like a huge chunk of cash to put forward, essentially a years revenue.

re: Dividend increase.