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Glad that you recognize the turnaround at Chrysler and the great strategic improvement at Fiat. I also appreciate your insights on Nissan EV and global efforts. On the rest we will have to agree to disagree a lot.

I hope to hear also more of your data and insight on the other auto discussions. Welcome.

(and until next year, time to fly to the turquoise waters and white sands of the Yucatan peninsula)

Welcome to the board Edward, and thanks for sharing this idea.

Yes, welcome to the board Edward. One comment. Marchionne's comment about the one car. I think that was a very shrewd comment. One to the unions about don't over ask for the sale price you want. Two for the rest of the company. You'd better be good at what your doing, you're on a short leash. This gives them a great incentive to not screw up, to stay focused.

With Peugeot deep in trouble, Peugeot management announced the closure of the Alunay plant and some restructuring earlier this year. The French government immediately resisted and decided to appoint an official to investigate. The official found that indeed, Peugeot must restructure as they planned. Now, the French auto workers are left all alone and Renault sensed an opportunity.

Renault has been negotiating with French auto unions over the last month or two with Ghosn making similar comments - Renault might disappear in its current form etc, an appropriate tactic considering the circumstances. It reminded me very much of Marchionne's comment on 60 minutes about the one car.

I think it is important to take a look at the balance sheet as well to get a full picture of the strength of a car company or lack thereof, aside from CEO comments in the media.

An interesting presentation regarding future plans at Nissan:


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