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Re: - Sprott Resource Holdings
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There has been no update from the Special Committee for nearly 4 months.The value here is clear unless they pawn off the listed securities to fund MTV and MTV turns out to be a dud. The market clearly has no confidence on the management include Rick Rule. I wonder if we can find people with enough shares to push for change here. Maybe this is our own version of Sanborn Map that needs a little bit push. Don't get your hopes up but if you have a big enough stake that you care about the outcome, please message me on the forum.


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Re: - Sprott Resource Holdings
« Reply #31 on: October 25, 2019, 10:10:02 AM »
While short-term trade talk headlines continue to dominate and provide
headwinds for the copper price, we continue to believe the long-term copper
market fundamentals remain supportive of copper price appreciation due to a
widening copper deficit.

Forward to 2020, the International Copper Study Group
(ICSG) estimates a deficit of about 250k t Cu, as growth in refined production is
expected to lag usage. Market tightness is beginning to manifest in copper
treatment and refining charges, which are falling as rising refining capacity in 2019
is met with flat concentrate supplies.

Ahead, there continues to be a growing demand for copper from renewable
energy and electric vehicles (both of which
require more copper than conventional sources), with few new significant
sources of production to come on line. The production delay and cost overrun at
Rio Tinto’s Oyu Tolgi highlight the lack of mega projects developed during the
last cycle, and the significant time required to get production to market.