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Re: SYTE - Enterprise Diversified
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Issue I see with their asset management group is they are working with guys who should be  one man shops due to limited scalability of strategies.  Dave Waters is clearly a rad guy, but look at his top holdings.. his is strategy is the niche of niche strategies.    Same with the compounder guys plunging in miniscule, illiquid stocks.   That is fine for a small hedge fund but what does SYTE stand to make in this?  Seems to me very little.   Same with their efforts at underscale HVAC, real estate, etc.   Just not much juice in these things for investors beyond the "owner operator" making his nut.    If they want to go the "illiquid" route they should find a and acquire a BDC management contract - or collaborate with Raymond James to raise money for a new one - lots of great storytelling to sell retail  and financial advisors on!

I donít think these guys are great marketers either. The niche shops arenít likely to bring in much cash due to lack of scalability and the SYTE operating costs are just high. This entities is worth more dead than alive.
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