Author Topic: The Impact of a Voluntary Vehicle Surrender  (Read 4625 times)


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Re: The Impact of a Voluntary Vehicle Surrender
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Very amusing thread!

You lend the money, you agree to take the credit risk. Sometimes it isn't going to work out, and you provision against it. Simple.
Trying to blame someone else for your own stupidity, is just not productive.

Questionable morals, is part of life. Deal with it.
A great many little old ladies 'forget' to mention to their pension plan provider that Grandpa has croaked. A great many families also 'forget' to mention that Grandma has croaked. Consequently, all else equal, an unreduced monthly pension will pay out for many years beyond Grandmas death. It's fraud, but are you really going to prosecute a corpse? or someone in a nursing home?  Take precautions, provision against it, and move on.

Most people (80%?) will honour their commitments, without incident.
However, for some (20%?), it is just human nature to game (legal profession?) - and they raise the costs for everyone. A good credit manager will have associates in low places, visiting the incalcitrant at 120 daYs past due. Collect the outstanding, keep 15%, and get rid of the customer - no questions asked. Gaming goes both ways  ;D.

Bottom line is play nice, and you will enjoy a nice life.


You got it Sharper! 

The irony of all of this is, what if this granny makes all of her obligations on the car, but the dealer goes under and doesn't back it's obligations, service contracts, warranties, etc.  No one is going to go after them on her behalf...just another corporate bankruptcy!  Cheers!
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