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  1. Now That Everything is Alright in the World Again...
  2. Trump was the Bubble!
  3. Disturbing!
  4. Keeping Politics Board
  5. MAGA has been terrible for investors! Discuss.
  6. Populist President No Longer Popular
  7. Massive Turning Point For Big Tech?
  8. Can The Left & The Right Agree On One Thing?!
  9. Time For Mike Lindell to Be Charged With Treason
  10. Where Are All The Pardons?
  11. Bannon Pardoned for Defrauding Trump Supporters who donated to build the wall
  12. Bill Barr: Stolen Election Claims = "Clownish"-"Bullshit"
  13. Question for Trump Supporters Who Support the Overthrow of the US Government
  14. Trump LOL'd at Sidney Powell
  15. Banana Republic
  16. A Sad Day For America
  17. Political Humor!
  18. Biden Stimulus Package
  19. Trump Finally Makes History
  20. Cutting The Heads Off The Hydra
  21. Pick the name for the USA on January 20, 2021
  22. 'Yes, It Was a Coup. Here’s Why.'
  23. Racist, seditious, co-conspirator Congresswoman?
  24. Footage of Journalists Being Assailed and Attacked at Capitol
  25. Are the problems in the U.S. insurmountable?
  26. Trump Has a New Press Secretary: Kayleigh McEnany
  27. "No one knew"-insurrection edition
  28. President Biden
  29. Implications of the Blue Wave
  30. Congratulations to Acting President Pence!
  31. Looking back
  32. Audio: Trump berates Ga. secretary of state, urges him to ‘find’ votes
  33. Probability that democrats will control the senate
  34. Trump Pleasantly F**ks Over Republican Party
  35. LOL
  36. Independent judiciary is key to decide false claims by companies/politicians
  37. Communist flag now flying over America
  38. The NY Post has finally turned on Trump
  39. Trump Cronies Granted Pardons
  40. Full recount by hand it will be
  41. Officials finally found a case of a dead person voting
  42. A Real Election Challenge Has Emerged
  43. For Our Right Wing Friends Concerned About AOC!
  44. WHO traitors
  45. Get em out of your neighborhood!
  46. Police State
  47. Destroy The GOP!
  48. So, being a liberal is a personality type?
  49. Suckers, indeed.
  50. Enemies Of The People