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Re: Bring out the guillotine!
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^To link with the opening theme, I read, a while back, a gentleman's biography of which I'm reminded, reading your last post.
Probably not worthwhile unless (French) history is of any interest to you but I included some kind of summary at the end of this post, in case anybody is interested.

Short story: Anne Robert Jacques Turgot was a good man who identified the essential problems and devised the approriate solutions but it all fell on deaf ears. Studying history implies accepting sounding out of step when people in charge do not want to hear what they need to hear. Apparently, Turgot, when he was dismissed in 1776, would have said to Louis XVI: "Remember, sire, that it was weakness which brought the head of [England's King] Charles I to the block." Turgot was kind of right and 17 years early.