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Re: Free college
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One thing I never understood about college in the US is why do we require courses like English, History, and other gen eds? I mean, what the hell is the point of k-12 if you still have to teach kids basic history, politics, reading, and writing skills? Same goes for a lot of math courses and you cant forget about physical college?! We could easily reduce the length of school by 1-2 years in most cases if we axed gen eds. If want to be a nurse and you were smart enough to get into college with SAT scores( Which test reading writing in math) you shouldn't have to take courses in world mythology...Learn the technical skills and move on.

If you don't know these basics by 12th grade then you shouldn't be going to college. College should be fore people who are ready to learn at a higher level. This mentality is part of what is actively devaluing a bachelors degree. "If everyone is special then nobody is special." This country could easily have high school graduates with maybe 1 year training working a lot of office jobs in the US. I know for my degree (CS) petty much everything I learned was moot when it came to the real world. College has become an HR check box for companies.

I couldn't agree more.  I could have reduced my bachelors degree by 2 years easily if I got rid of all the non-technical courses and just did my EE and CS courses.  I don't think that would have made me a less productive engineer in any way.  The only thing it would have done is reduce my student loans by half and let me start my career (making money) 2 years earlier.

Anyone ever hear of Praxis?   Something like this seems to me where the future needs to go.

Praxis website:

Interview with Praxis founder Isaac Morehouse