Author Topic: Mr. Marks is going political  (Read 795 times)


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Mr. Marks is going political
« on: April 02, 2019, 07:06:16 AM »
My long-term plan is to post mostly on specific investment ideas and to definitely quit the Politics section but I thought the following was interesting:

Opinion: I highly respect Mr. Marks and actually agree with the substance of his memo but would submit that the binary and reptilian thinking embedded in political discussions shows attitudes behind the disconnect that is feeding the popularity of those who want to share a no longer to be growing pie.

Side note about things being taken for granted in a pie that has been growing for a long time.

In the introduction, Mr. Marks refers to the China economic miracle. Impressive indeed. Many history books trace the beginning of the revolution after Mao from the top with Deng Xiaoping and his relative ideological flexibility and from the bottom with the example of what happened in the Anhui Province where local farmers secretely rebelled by deciding to keep the extra agricultural production for themselves with spectacular results. Then, when the central authorities spotted the irregularity, instead of destroying the disruptive forces, decided to use it as a model in order to unleash the power of private property and individual dynamism.

Interesting (and IMO sad) to note that not only AOC et al (and Mr. Marks) are taking a lot for granted as the Anhui farmers are now "considering pooling their farmland again to create an even more efficient economy".