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Re: Huge sacrifice
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For an outsider like me, it's incredible how polarising politics in the US and especially the figure of Trump is.

It seems that hardly any American succeeds in objectively analysing the facts and forming an opinion on any subject that has anything to do with politics.
The same as with the discussion around Brett Kavanaugh.

I'm really flabbergasted...
The topic is potential motivation for higher office and this post is about higher calling in the midst of doubt.
In our last provincial election (2 days go and result immaterial in itself for most here), the elected prime minister is a relatively wealthy, successful and early-retired businessman who did not "need" the job and he has convinced a senior VP to leave his job at a major institutional fund (and his 1 million$ (CDN) a year salary) in order to get elected, to occupy a finance-related public office, to be criticized by the populace and to be watched by the media for 4 years (he has been labeled the "4 million dollar man").
There is hope.