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What's the body count of BLM now? 17? So BLM rioters are responsible for 17 deaths in 3 months. The deaths include senior citizens and multiple children. Not to mention the majority are black! Still many under investigation. Oh and look, they just found a burned body in Minnesota in a building set on fire by BLM rioters. So BLM rioters are 2 bodies short of all the unjustified killings done by police in 2019?

Another point is that police brutality is not just about murdering of these people. I mean, look at this, this is just absolute nonsense:

When interviewed, the city's totally classy Sheriff says:

"Are there some things that I think we could all agree are concerning at first sight," Deterding said. "I think that it's hard to judge something based a video in and of itself. That's why it's important to gather all the facts."

What a joke.

And while the cops claimed they had a warrant for this guy's arrest - turns out they had the wrong guy (Hmm...heard that before?). Oh and of course they still charged him with "resisting arrest". The go-to charge of crappy cops.

And Mr. Miyagi himself? Oh, he's still on the job.
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