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Re: Whats The Problem?
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The title and writing was intentionally clever. A critical thinking exercise, particularly in respect to the fact that there are multiple problems in the described event and thought it may trigger some interesting discussion with regard to which problems people are able to zero in on and which ones they may not even be aware of. However some are critical thinkers and others seem to be critical of thinking.

I am not familiar with the environment in Canada, but imagine its similar. Here, NY/NJ region, these things are obvious but unspoken of in their flaws. There are real questions, such as, if indeed there is a "real" bidding is it that the same firm with the red trucks and yellow lettering lands almost EVERY SINGLE contract working on routes 4/17 in North NJ? How come in NY, there is such a glut of willing and "able" companies, but such a short list of vendors getting city contracts? Back in the day, it used to be organized crime related. There is still probably that element present, but there are also many other factors at play. Which is why its amusing when the city officials are "outraged" like in the instance above...when all that really happened was that an outside variable interfered with "the way things typically are"...

The short list of familiar vendors indeed facilitates this problem, because, they learn where they can get away with things and exploit inefficiencies that at the end of the day, local government officials arent knowledgable enough about to handle or dont care enough to address.