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Re: Smart move by the Republicans
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Regulatory capture works both ways.
Some good points, Spekulatius, but I'm confused. Regulatory capture being a two way street doesn't seem to fit with any definition I am aware for regulatory capture.

Regulatory capture is a form of government failure which occurs when a regulatory agency, created to act in the public interest, instead advances the commercial or political concerns of special interest groups that dominate the industry or sector it is charged with regulating.[1] When regulatory capture occurs, the interests of firms, organizations, or political groups are prioritized over the interests of the public, leading to a net loss for society. Government agencies suffering regulatory capture are called "captured agencies."


Poorly worded on my side. Regulatory capture would tend concentrate business wherever the regulator might be or move, so it would probably do nothing to move the regulator elsewhere. I would posit in fact that if you would move a regulator into a smaller town, the would become even more inbred , due to limited opportunity for the personal involved to do something else without moving.
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