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Why Aren’t You a Libertarian?

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I am genuinely curious about this. If you read through the platform of the Libertarian party (see link below) it seems to encapsulate 95% of the opinions of individuals in this forum.

Prison System reform
End foreign wars
Legalize Drugs
Private property
Free markets (Adam Smith)
Lower taxes
Equality (gay marriage)
Individual liberties
Reformed Welfare system (Negative Income tax)
Healthcare (up for debate)
- Private healthcare is generally supported by the party
- But even Hayek thought that government funded healthcare was possible under a libertarian framework.
Abortion (not the governments business and should be left up the the individual)

Do you not support the party because you feel it’s a wasted vote?

Do you not support it because you don’t like the candidates? Gary Johnson, Bill Weld, Jacob Hornberger

What about people like Thomas Sowell, Justin Amash, Ron Paul?

Do you have a skewed or uninformed view of what the libertarian party is?

Maybe you just don’t agree with it and the approach the party takes in regards to the role of government.

Yes we all have our strong opinions on issues, but the Libertarian party seems to bridge the gap on most core issues discussed here.

Because only two parties matter. I pick the one that closest resembles what is important to me. Its like having green be your favorite color but having to pick either orange or blue.

I already have a wasted vote, living in NYC.  I dont want to waste my vote twice. 🤔

To both of your points isn’t that the crux of the issue? Why not vote your conscious? If we bitch and moan about this two party system shouldn’t we be looking at our selves as individuals to make that change? It’s like everyone wants a third party to win yet nobody wants to make the first move themselves because they feel they are letting the “bad guys” win. I guess that’s just a flaw with our human tendencies and our soft spot for tribalism.

What about at the local or congressional level? And there isn’t always the option at these levels.

Well, we could go on and on about the actual reasons:

But that's a lot of effort and it's not necessary. The cringe factor is obvious from a mile away. It's a party consisting of the sons of well-off conservatives who didn't get laid in high school and never got over it.


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