Author Topic: Is there any investor or money manager who has beaten the NASDAQ 100?  (Read 906 times)


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Does anyone know of investors or money managers who have beaten the NASDAQ 100 for the past 25 years?


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Looks like a CAGR of 12.5%, I think of plenty - Buffet (thanks Jurgis) being one of them possibly.

Stanley Druckenmiller, David Tepper, Jim Simons to name a few.
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This is a great question.

I've only recently appreciated how extraordinary the NASDAQ 100 performance has been over the past 10 years.  Apart from freaks like the three mentioned above (I'm really interested if there are any retail fund managers who have done it).

The best people who I respect e.g. Akre are pretty much NASDAQ 100 trackers over 10 years until late 2019 when NASDAQ rocketed, though this is a froth-tastic time, so I'd guess they'll match each other again in a year.


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If Nasdaq 100 actual return is 12.5%, then BRK did not outperform. Assuming 22.5K share price in 1/1/1995 and 340K share price in 12/31/2019, BRK return is ~11.9%.
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Index investing compared to stock picking - based on on value investing - here on CoBF. Why is this brought up here on CoBF in the first place?
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To remind ourselves that it's really hard to beat an index?